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Re: Adult PE tubes for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Hi Jen,

I just spoke to a new ENT today and both specialists suggest that I go for sinus surgery(CT scans show extensive sinus disease), with the hope that it will help my ears. but the worrying thing is that neither of them promise that this will definitely help my ear pressure. However, the new ENT is open to putting ear tubes if the pressure problem does not go away but since reading your advice I am reluctant to try tubes at this stage.

Will see what allergy shots can do for me in March. It won't be until November that I can do any surgery since I still need to serve my 1 yr waiting period for my private health insurer.

Right now to deal with the ear pressure I do the following:

Saline sinus rinse- seems to temporarily get rid of the clicking for 20mins then comes back later
Nasonex sprayed 90 degrees to the face to try and 'hit' the eustachian tubes

Valsalva when ears feel extremely plugged.

with these I can get through the day

Do you ears click loudly when you yawn or swallow?