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Re: L5/S1 Recovery

[QUOTE=wigado1;5114370]I had an ALIF done Dec 17th at L5/S1, just was wondering what some others were feeling at 3 weeks out. Is it ok to use a heating pad. I have been dealing with spine issues since 2010 when I was rear ended at a red light by a person that was not paying attention. She didnt even know that traffic was stopped. I also have had to have an ACDF that was done in Sept 2010.
C5 thru C7.[/QUOTE]

Hello Wigado,
At three weeks I was a mess! Watching the clock for meds walking and trying to find a comfortable way to sleep. Had to have raised toilet seat. Grabber stick to pick up items and my child stay with me to assist, she stayed a month.
I had the similar procedure TLIF Nov 6, 2012. I am just now beginning to feel myself, still have muscle tightness in upper and mid back. But hurray I recently quit the narcotics and that helped a lot. It took three tries before my pain level allowed me to stop completly. Thank s to the board here with info on withdrawals issues! 7 months on is no easy stop. But not taking pain meds when you need them is not an option for me. When Mom hurts everyone hurts! Haha.
I also had ACDF August 4, 2012 so two surgeries close together was a lot.
Walk walk walk. That is all that helped me the most and do not be afraid to tell PT when it begins, if it begins to set you back too far. Everyone heals differently and this needs to be taken into consideration. It's taken a lot to help me realize it's a long haul to heal and you have to not try to do what your used to do. Get help when you can and don't sweat the small stuff.
Wishing you well, rest and eat healthy!
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