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Question about pain

I am a 43 year old male and was diagnosed with severe osteoporsis (z-score of 4.2 spine), (z-score of -2.0 neck). Before I was given the diagnosis I complained of back pain to my ex-family doctor over the years who thought it was my weight that caused my back pain and I took him at face value as I had gained a few pounds. The back pain became more frequent and eventually became near full time in one area of my back, middle spine. Which led me to switch to a new family doctor who found my height loss alarming and sent me for a BMD.

Now with the result of the BMD, xrays, MRIs and numerous other tests looked into why I continue to have pain. The tests found I have "old" compression fractures in three of my verterbrae but they cannot seem to find any pinched nerves.

The pain feels like nerves being pinched as I can feel the pain radiate like a ring from mid back through my chest. To deal with the pain they've prescribed codeine 3 and naproxen. They help to a certain extent but if I decide to walk, stand or sit upright for any length of time the pain starts all over again.

They have prescribed Forteo to me and said that there was strong possibility that the pain would subside. Which in fact hasn't. The laundry list of side effects of Forteo is another post soon to follow.

I guess I'm just looking to see if there are other people experiencing anything similar and/or if they have advice.


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