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Re: 10 months after brostrum - seeing an ankle specialist ....

Originally Posted by jewlz67 View Post
I have a work comp injury as well and they have tried to drag their feet as well as trying to deny procedures. I try to let the doctors office deal with them until they start trying to drag their feet...then I will call my work comp case worker myself to get the ball rolling. If they start dragging their feet on this, call them and try getting it going. If they are still being uncooperative, then tell them you are going to hire a lawyer! Really, you should anyways with the injury that you have and with what you are dealing with!!! I didnt hire a lawyer for a long time after hurting I have an attorney and let me tell you, they haven't dragged their feet at all now!!!
Hey, thanks! I do have a lawyer, thankfully. I actually hired him before the surgery. He does get on them - at one point he has threatened to take them to court because they are moving so slowly on these appointments and stuff. It is completely ridiculous! Dr. Jeng did order another MRI today during my appointment - we will see how long this takes for workers comp to approve it!