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how to let a coworker know your there for them..outside work

I want to be there for a coworker/friend (R) who recently lost his father unexpectedly, but not sure how to let him know I'm there for him and understand what he's goin thru without being overbearing.

I believe R's dad passed away due to age. I know they were close. He's 28 and his dad was in his 70's.
R and I worked together for the past year.

I've always had a crush on him since I've met him. It wasnt until the last few months that I've noticed possibility the feeling is mutual, when he started hanging around my dept more and teasing. Just before his dad passed away, he told me he'd attend my 35th party, It kinda surprised me since he normally doesnt attend anything work related.

After hearing of his dad's passing, I sent flowers. He actually hugged me when he returned from work, which kinda surprised me since he's more of a private guy.

I'd like to do something special for him in memory of his dad and for him as well for Valentines day.. or before.
I work in the photo lab. I've thought of creating a plaque with a beach pic (I know he loves the beach) with a memorial poem on it. Just not sure how to present it.. or be too personal to fast..

I understand in a lot of ways what he's goin thru. I lost my dad 15 months ago, of kidney cancer. I dont R knows I lost mine as well, I'm just mentioned to him, its a tough thing to go thru. I've thought of also writing a letter saying hey im here and share my experiance.

I just dont want to be too personal to fast, but yet, really let him know im there..

I understand that greiving is a personal thing as well.

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