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Re: 12 days old and TSH 7 - Congenital Hypothyroid?

Thanks, I am hoping. I am getting different ranges (Mayo clinic for example has 5 as upper range) and for kids is even wider given their specifics.

I was glad about the Ft4, especially since it went up without any meds.

Did you mean that hypothyroid kids, generally gain weight too much or fail to gain weight and "to thrive"? We all need to keep an eye on symptoms so thanks again.

The fact that the kids keeps me up all night I was told is a good sign--expect for my brain cells

Originally Posted by mkgbrook View Post
Sounds like you have a good handle on things. My daughter is newly three her TSH is just over 3 now. My son took six years to fall below 2 on the TSH range. My MDs recommend keeping detailed symptom logs and growth charts. They say weight gain and lack of constant growth are the first flags too look for. It seems like your little one is rebounding. I am so glad you are her champion and are dedicated to getting the care she deserves.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you find it can help new thyroid suffering moms everywhere!

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