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Re: Back together too soon

I've never been in that long of a relationship but I am in a long one, 3 years. I know the pain but in my opinion, if you love someone let them go but I don't know about long distant relationships... They work for some people.. if it were me I wouldn't lead you on making you think the love won't go away but in reality it will....if you truly love eachother you won't break up. Sometimes breaks can be temporary but then again permanent. Most people say if a relationship is needing a break it won't work ever again but there is a possibility. You need to speak with her and tell her how you truly feel and everything that worries you. Being far away not seeing eachother on some days are good but until you move in with eachother it might not work.. I don't mean to make you worry about your relationship with eachother but I am suggesting possibilities that you should prepare for. Next time you see her tell her. The biggest part of a relationship is honesty.. if you're not honest its not going to work. Trust is the next biggest part. If you don't trust her or she doesn't trust you it won't work and it is obvious the love isn't strong. (: talking solves a lot.