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Re: Back together too soon

Thanks for the reply.

Well we have speaking to eachother most days via social networking, just small chat though, nothing serious. I just want to give her the space she wants, the more I think about the possibilities the more I come to terms with what may happen.

I've also been taking Kalms, which help with anxiety and stress. They work!

It's my birthday today and she has sent me a card, phoned me and said happy birthday and that she loves me. Had a little chat about what we've been doing. The reason I haven't been bringing up the serious stuff is because in the last conversation we had, she said that she had been feeling a bit smothered. Which I understand, because we got back together and I had it in my head to make things get back to normal as fast as possible. Which was wrong.

I see it now, we rushed it. Gotta slow things down...

Thanks again for the reply

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