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Question Re: Candida: Ruining my life now, and my future.

Originally Posted by jonnstar View Post
Ask your doctor for a prescription for 30 capsules of fluconazole 100mg.

Take 2 on day 1, then one every day till they are finished. This will kill 99.9% of the candida in your body within a few days.

Start taking a probiotic to reballance your digestive system and keep the candida from comming back.

Dont worry about crackpot diets and such like.
Hi John.. Can u tell me if you are sure this will work and how u know it doies work? sorry im questioning you but i have gone thru hell trying to get well again and the dr's arent of much help usually, i managed to get my dr to give me the prescription, gota pick it up yet, im prayin to god it works!