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Re: waiting on referral

Thanks for responding - since my posting, I have gotten a referral to the rheumy, but it's not until Feb. In the meantime, I've seen an allergist - at my GP's suggestion. They still seem to think it's allergy related - although I would be surprised if it is. I know a diagnosis of Lupus takes a long time, so I'm going along with my PC's suggestions, to rule out other things it might be.

The allergist took blood, and that won't be back for about 3 weeks. Interestingly - she ordered CH50, C3 and C4 - along with the usual allergy items. I know the complement tests are done for Lupus - so maybe I'll get some answers from those.
The allergist also wants to do patch (skin) testing for other allergins - but I know this is a pain in the neck - having all the patches on your back for a week, so I'm trying to avoid this if necessary.

In the meantime, I have started to have different syptoms sometimes even feeling a little better - but then have replapses -now fatique and my joints are really gettting into the picture - mostly hands, wrists,neck and shoulders. I'm not on any medications except zyrtec and a steroid ointment for the rashes.
Another note - the rashes have also developed bilaterally below my neck area -such as on the sides of my upper chest and rib cage - and they are not what I'd call real rashes - just a redness that appears, and starts to itch and then subsides for a while - then returns the next day - like on a schedule.

I am really feeling the frustration that alot of members here have gone through - and although I really don't want to have Lupus - or anything else serious, I do want an answer to what's going on, so I can move ahead, get treatment, and hopefully start to feel better. I seen too many stories of those who took so long for a diagnosis, and could have been treated so much sooner - I am hoping that doesn't happen to me.

thanks for listenting