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Re: Anyone else with long-time warts?

Thank you both for input.

Well I have been struggling greatly for a biopsy. A visit to my urologist just led to more insistence that it is so small and flat that it doesn't need a biopsy and is probably just DEAD SKIN (haha, it isn't). He only offered to do a procedure that would include removal of the area and stitching it up while knocking me out. Didn't seem necessary when all I wanted was a biopsy. He kept saying a biopsy might lead to a scar, and his procedure would not. This did not make any sense to me, so I just made an appointment to visit my dermatologist. She also does not seem there is any concern regarding the lesion, saying it seemed to be just "10% of a wart" and said a biopsy would more than likely result in "inconclusive results", meaning the size was too small to analyze. Huh? All she did was the freezing treatment, which a week later, has resulted in no change. The area just appears irritated still, but I still see a slight raise and wart-like lesion.

I can not stop worrying about this and it is so frustrating no doctors seem aware of risks involving HPV and men. Three medical treatments and 7 months later and this tiny lesion remains. I just made an appointment with yet another doctor for a third opinion on the issue. Hopefully this urologist is more aware of HPV than the other doctors I have visited recently, and I will be not leaving that office without a biopsy. I don't care about a scar, I can deal with that. I would feel a great comfort in knowing it wasn't cancerous.