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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

You Hooo, Too, Seabell !,

I am so happy for your post op visit report and am awed and "happy dancing" for you, too! For the last 6 months we have focused on what's been current with us...our IBS issues....and how that has changed for me, my life, and the "living" of it. And yet, you, have been dealing with some "way bigger" issues along the way that make IBS seem miniscule in comparison. But there you are....helping others to have life changing encounters of their own....thanx for being being a Survivor!!!

Time has gotten away from me. I missed your post for 6 days....please accept my apologies and a promise to do better. We were so happy to have our youngest son home for the holidays that we did run him everywhere and were busy every day. Three more weeks and he graduates from basic training at Fort Jackson in S. Carolina. We plan to fly there for his grad ceremony because it will be 7 more months before we see him again.

But now I know that I can travel without difficulty. Now I know that I can be prepared because I now know how to be prepared. This year started a whole new way of living from the previous 30yrs. After 6 months....has it really been that long? meals are now automatic, my gut is intact and together and my expectations positive. I eat a light IBS breakfast with all my medicine and acacia...go walk for 2 miles...come back for hot tea (either rooibos or fennel!) and maybe a slice of my special pumpkin pie bread...its oooh sooo goood! I make all my school runs with kids. By lunchtime I feel like I'm starving to death! Yes, I did put those pounds back on thru the holidays....but, you know, I know how to get them back off, too! So that's what I'm doing.

So glad your tummy is,ve got that down and then some...I laughed at the check mark, too...hoot, hoot! CCW