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Re: Is the doctor right? lab results

Hi all...

Update! Today I had my appointment with my frinds step-dad... He went through all my results and symptoms, as well as family history (which my previous doctor didnt).

He then called a friend who is a endocrine specialist, while i was there, so i could hear what he had to say...

He confirmed I needed to be on thyroxine immediately and the doctor prescribed me 100mg of oroxine for the next 6 weeks, and then to come back and get my levels tested. He said we would also do a thyroid scan if necessary and said I could see the specialist if required.

He can't belive the other doctor just dismissed it and said "you'll have to be tired for 2 more months"

Thanks for all your help, it gave me the courage to geta second opinion and stand up for my health!

Will let you know how I go in 6 weeks!

Monty x