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Question regarding inserting paper into penis

Hi,I am new here.So after peeing there is some drops of urine left inside the penis.To get rid of them I take a very small piece of paper wrap it and than make it flat by pressing to make it like a stick.Then I insert it inside my penis so that the paper can get the drops of urine in it.Then I bring it out and through it away.I insert 2-3 papers each time after peeing.

Sometimes even when I get suspicion that there is a drop of urine moving inside,I try to insert the paper sticks.Sometimes my suspicions are false and the penis stays dry and the papers hits the inner wall of the penis roughly when I press hard to insert it.

As the paper hits the inner wall of the penis in a little force,can this cause problem to my penis.Even break or cut or damage the inner wall?

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