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Re: Finally have an appt

Originally Posted by Whynowthis View Post
In my experience with PM DR's, they generally don't diagnose any conditions. They leave that to the dr that refers you to them. They just work on finding ways to reduce pain mostly via procedures such as injections, and sometimes medication. Although some PM drs won't prescribe any meds. The ones that do are extremely strict and place you on low dose long acting meds. Again, this is just my experience, others may have had different PM dr do different things. I thought I recalled you had a bone scan done to diagnose your RSD?
I haven't gotten my bone scan yet, I'm assuming they do that at the PM dr. My OS is pretty sure of RSD that's why I'm being referred.
Right ankle lateral ankle stabilization with ankle arthroscopy and debridement, curettage and microfracture of the lateral talar dome lesion. Possible RSD of right ankle
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