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Starting to think my sinus problem is TMJ instead!

Just wondering if anyone else who has had chronic sinus infection symptoms has looked into ruling out temporomandibular Joint syndrome?

After 5 rounds of antibiotics, different painkillers which don't work, 4-5 different GPS and 3 ENT specialists still in a lot of pain!

After 3rd ENT specialist I saw on 9th of January said "we'll do sinus surgery to see if it makes any difference" I saw yet another GP about pain management. He said it could be tooth roots pushing on sinus nerves, or Jaw joint (TMJ). So I have to wait 4 weeks to see a dentist for consultation.

When I read up about TMJ, I realised that all the symptoms I've had (apart from disgusting green mucus) could be attributed to TMJ.

Headaches (constant 24/7 for over 6 months) with tender points on cheekbone, eyebrow and near jaw)
Increased nasal discharge
breathlessness and extreme fatigue
tinitis, loss of hearing
sore throat ( with enlargement of glands in neck on and off)
dizzynes & unbalanced feeling.

Now, reading about pain causing increased mucus production and inflammation I increased my codeine and hey presto, pain eased off a little and so did discharge! Unfortunately I can't take codeine for more than a couple of days, and when I stop..mucus production gets worse again!

Of course, if TMJ causes increased mucus production, and throw in the mix a severely deviated septum & cocho bullosa..there is the possibility that TNJ contributed to a true infection (due to trapped mucus) which cleared up with the antibiotics, but discharge & pain persists but isn't infected...if you get what I mean???

So has anyone with antibiotic resistant "sinusitis" or whose CT scans show minimal infection/inflammation , actually gone down the route of being checked for TMJ?

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