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Re: Oxycodone liquid Switching to Methadone? Plus my story in a nutshell

I just wanted to say how much your story moved me. kadian, as mentioned above, is long acting morphine (I've just swapped to it myself and so far so good). It is in capsules but the granules can be sprinkled in any food, no need to swallow a cap.

My PM was thinking methadone (I've been in pm on OxyContin for 7 years) but I am not keen on it because it can have some heart issues, not common, don't worry but I have some minor heart stress from 2 very long surgeries I underwent in 2008 and 2010. When I brought this up with her, she is my neurosurgeon as well as PM, she immediately agreed that kadian was a better option. It is also easier in the short term if you are undergoing further surgeries as methadone can make anaesthetics more complicated. This is why, reading your story, I would think that long acting morphine, fentanyl patch or OxyContin may be better for you at this time. Methadone is wonderful for long term relief though.

Let us know how you go