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Re: Bulimia and Cavities

Originally Posted by captjane View Post
It's much more likely that the purging would damage other parts of the teeth rather than the area filled. But if you don't get the cavities filled those areas are already weakened and going to be more susceptible to further decay and damage from the purging so I guess it depends if you want to repair the damaged (decayed) areas or whether you want to wait until the erosion gets through the enamel and causes the tooth to die which will need root canal (expensive) or tooth extraction. Fillings are much more resilient to acid than regular tooth enamel so filling the cavities makes more sense than leaving them to be damaged further.
Thank you.

I guess either way I have a few months to decide. He said they're so small that the xray barely saw them. I will see how they are at my next visit. If I have more, or if they got worse, I will fill.