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Unhappy Fibromyalgia/Lupus/OA/MS?????????

I have been diagnosed for several years, and also been told and medicated for Lupus about 3-4 years ago. Then was sent to see a Rhuematologist and she said no to Lupus and took me off of my meds. I was told by another (orthopedic) doc that I was borderline when he looked at my labs. Just recently I was retested and Negative. But all the xrays show OA (osteo arthritis) basically all joints. I think they are missing something, and won't check for MS. I have a bad neck and back, I have had back surgery in 1998 and need it again along with my neck. My neck is so bad I was told that I could lose the use of my left arm, I'm left handed....but had other health issues that put off my surgeries. Now I see a pain management. And he is treating my pain, And soon to start Botox injections for my migraines, because I have failed all other treatment. I have talked aobut this before on the fibro board, but I need to see if anybody else thinks something is being missed.
Thanks tiff-cher

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