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Re: Starting to think my sinus problem is TMJ instead!

Not sure about Bruxism, but I realised that I have been unconsiously clenching my jaw during the daytime. Yesterday I went and bought some Cat's Claw and stopped the Codeine during the day. I found a you tube video that shows how to do facial massage for TMJ, and did that yesterday evening...I'm still taking amitriptyline and zopiclone and co-codamol at night, but the pain has been much less since I have been consiously focusing on not clenching my jaw and clamping my teeth together...putting my tongue to roof of mouth!

Other sign of clenching jaw is that the inside of my cheek on right hand side is chewed, often sore and I recall looking at it before to find red, blood blisters on inside of my cheek.

I have also ordered some cheap "splints" that you mold in hot water..pack of 4 is only about 3, so will try them when they arrive as it could be weeks/months before I can get a custom made one through dentist.

All I can do is go down the sinus path and the TJD path at the same time...I am sure that the TJD would cause sinus issues rather than the other way round.

I'd try the face massage if I was you.

I've just done face muscle massage, around the jawbone, in the dimples either side of base of nose, around mouth, back to jaw bone area and temples, and across cheekbones and eyebrows and the cheekbones had very tender all the pain that had been building up during the day has eased! Only just taken cats claw, diclofenec, amityptyline and zopliclone and 2 co-codamol, so they will help relax my muscles. I have also been doing jaw exercises available on hub pages! I seem to have had significatly less pain since I started doing this..maybe it'll work for you too!

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