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Re: Starting to think my sinus problem is TMJ instead!

I've flipflopped between sinus and TMJ. After CT scan ruled out sinus pathology the second time, I put my neuromuscular orthotic back in my mouth and have decided to try and give it a better go. I had worn it for 3 weeks and it didn't seem to be helping, but now I am using it along with doing deep neck flexor exercises and will be seeing an osteopath to help me with myofascial release. I'm also doing a food diary for my naturopath to see if I have any food intolerances. I've heard that gluten is a biggy for stuff like this.

If you do end up deciding to go to a dentist, find one who specializes in neuromuscular dentistry. I could go on and on about this but if you mosey on over to the tmj board, there is loads of info on there.

I'm still in the early stages of doing these things so we'll see how it goes!