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Re: Post-Implant Progress


I will be driving to Shands in a few hours to find out what my lump is. It comes and goes and really does not bother me except when it swells. I will be 6 months post op left TMJ Concept Fossa also tomorrow..WooHoo me! So I am feeling this check up will turn out fine. Just do not care for the drive (BLAH!) but my Daddy is making the trip with me so we will have ten hours to chat and I really do enjoy spending the time with him.

I do know a woman who has just hit eleven (yes 11) years with her TMJ Concepts. First set of TMJ Concepts and once she "FULLY" healed, try adn stop her! HAHA! I know when I had my first set of TMJ Concepts I was told they would have to be taken out in ten years and replaced and I almost fell in the floor..but according to Dave that is no longer the "standard" and it is a case by case issue so I have had many talks with my body and would really like to keep this set in, plus since they work so well I would like to keep them. Lol! Girls, your steak is on it's way! Everytime I eat it I STILL wait for the fall out from the chewing and nothing happens so far, so between really getting to eat & chew steak without having pain and swelling, still just cannot wrap my brain around it, BUT your turn is on it way and I want to hear about it! I have a list I made over ten plus years of all the food I was going to eat one day if my TMJ could ever get on the right path and now that I CAN I just do not have the desire. I find myself most days just not even wanting to chew. Sad. But after so many, many, many years of pain and suffering I think I just got use to not chewing AND for me sometimes I feel like I am tired from chewing. Has anyone else experianced that. It is like my muscles just say enough, quit. I thought maybe because I had not really used them in so many years and then all the muscle flap surgeries they were just not use to the chewing but it seems like I get boared or just tired of the same motion over and over. I do move my food from side to side per instructions of TMJ Concepts to allow both sides of the implants to take the pressure away from one side but some times I just do not feel like chewing. The stange side to that is I lost 68 pounds in the past 18 months (I was trying) and most of it was from me changing my eating habits PLUS not being on pain medication. I also use Tramadol and love it. After so many years of pain pills I like taking something when I need it and have it work. So far, when I have been in pain the Tramadol is enough. I am so scared of having to be in a pain pill cycle again. I really do not want ot go that path ever again if I can. I wonder how many of us have nerve dammage due tothe TMJ. I know that is the cause of mine. If I had not had 17 surgeries my face would not have been cut open 17 times so my Inferior Alveolar Nerve would be intact and not have so many scars on it. I have in the last 6 months regained feeling in my upper lip and gums and along the right side of my face. The left side of my face is still numb as well as my lower lip, gums and chin, BUT I am NOT in pain so I am NOT complaining! I just learned to wipe my mouth and chin with every bite I take so that none is left on my face. Has any one else noticed or should I ask have you found it hard to tell how much force you are using when eating? If I bite into a sandwich, I tend to bite too hard, I have also bit myself so I try to not use my fingers to eat anything! I am still too scared to bite into an apple or pear, so I still cut them up in to 100 parts but I am unable to judge how much force when I bite into food so I tend to squish it to the roof of my mouth because I bite too hard. Just wondering... THANKS for the info in re FDA. I have fears that if this left Fossa breaks again they (FDA) would not allow me to have a 4th one. So far, third times has been the charm! I just can not even wrap my mind around this road I have been on. PLEASE never give up and take your time healing. I REALLY HOPE ALL of you will get GREAT results from your jaw implants and REALLY HOPE this gives ALL of you a much needed rest from pain and discomfort! I will update you when I return from Shands.
Take Care!

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