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Need Help, Boyfriend has a drinking problem

So, a little background info, my boyfriend and I have been together for 1.5 years and just moved in together in October. We are both almost 24, graduated college, and have jobs. Before we moved in together we both lived with our parents and we saw each other a couple times a week and usually only once on the weekend. My boyfriend is a bit over weight and 6'3" so he has a high tolerance for alcohol.

So, literally every single weekend since we've moved in his friend (who btw, graduated college almost a year ago, does not have a job and just plays video games all day) has been over to drink. My boyfriend and him will crush a 12 pack each at least and maybe a mixed drink or two. And then the weekend night that his friend doesn't come over and just the two of us are hanging out he still drinks a 6 pack even when I don't drink. I've brought it up to him many times that I'm uncomfortable with him drinking that much, especially when he drinks a 6 pack when I'm not even drinking. He doesn't see it as a problem and get defensive whenever I talk about it. When I ask "Why do you have to drink literally every Friday and Saturday" he responds with "I just like to relax after work and have a couple beers". But a couple beers in my opinion is 2, maybe 3. Not a 6 pack+.

His parents even noticed it was getting a bit ridiculous when he was living at home and expressed their concerns to him but he just gets defensive. I guess I never really noticed the drinking habits before when he was at his parents because I wasn't around all the time. Apparently when he lived at his parents his friend and he would play xbox online together and essentially drink a 12 pack when they were by themselves which is very weird to me because to me drinking is a social thing.

So, basically I'm not sure if this really is a problem or if he is just still in the college party stage especially since his friend is still not really a responsible adult with a job. My boyfriend doesn't let drinking get in the way of work, he never drinks and drives, gets in trouble with the law, or gets violent when drinking. He never drinks in the morning or during the week, just on Friday and Saturday nights (and the occasional night when he doesn't have work the next day, i.e. holidays, vacation days, etc) It's also really annoying that his friend literally comes over every single weekend and is kind of socially awkward and doesn't include me in conversations so I just hang out by myself in the office or bedroom when he's over. I don't really have any friends in the area because I just moved here so it's not like I can get away from it and go hang out with my friends. I'm just worried this is going to become more of a problem in the future and not sure if this is something I should be concerned about?

Please help!! Thanks

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