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Does sight REALLY keep on improving after lasik?

I had Lasik 3 days ago and though I don't have any physical problems with my eyes at all, I just can't see as well as I could with contact lenses. My prescription was -2.25 in both eyes for many years, though on thorough pre op examination the Dr said it was -1.5 in one eye and -1.75 in the other (both with computerised testing AND me looking through the glasses thing).

I've been back twice for follow up and both times he's said there is absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes, no wrinkles etc, so I should just wait for the vision to return. He is confident (he says) that it will improve and that soon I will have 20/20 vision.

My question is, does it really keep on improving after surgery, or is it more likely that I will need enhancement in 6 months? Is it generally possible to tell within the first few days if this is going to be it?

As I say I have no other problems at all, no halos, no blurred vision, no dry eyes, vision is clear, just not as good as I had hoped for.

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