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Re: Possible Addisons Disease?

I stopped with the dizziness once my treatment for Addison's began but never had the headaches but really nauseated a lot before treatment, unfortunately they almost have to have abnormal labs before a specialist will take a look at you. Keep on going to your pcp AND keep insisting something else is going on and maybe they'll eventually do something different. I'm sorry I wish I could be of more help...your blood seems all normal. Your sodium is very good its always going to be low upon initial testing with Addison's. Mine was low everytime i had it tested for 2 yrs prior to diagnosis... mine stayed like 131 and lower. I was told to salt my food more in the mean time I'm losing weight like crazy my skin is black and I can not roll over in bed without struggling to breath, my blood pressure was staying so low my heart was working double time and a half and then some to keep my blood flowing the best it could. I used to work for a primary care physician for 19 yrs and somhtimes taking a journal like a hourly thing of how you are feeling maybe over a 5 day period helps tell them a lot too.