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Re: armour dosage question

Hi! If you had any lab results, we could tell if you need T-3. Even though I convert, I feel like maybe it wasn't enough and I also had pain in my neck and shoulders. (I have a pinched nerve and feel it much more when T-3 is at the low end.) I asked for Armour and my compliant endo said, "okay we'll try it." I was on about the same dose as you and actually went a little hyper on it.(Levothyroxine) I started on 15 of Armour,went to 30, then 45. (in about 6 months)This was fine for awhile but then around Christmas I started feeling very nervous,anxious and my T-3 was at the top of the range again. I had been feeling worse the week before this, so it was probably out of range then. I have to admit, I'm not dragging on Armour. I have a physical job and before this, it seemed my legs would get tired going up and down stairs. I am only 5'2" and about 108 pounds. I have been small all my life and first started all this with Graves and was put on a med to slow my thyroid.
I went into remission, then started to go hypo a few months after stopping meds. I think I need my FT3 to be in the higher range but not too high.I told the doc "if we could get it around 3.7, I think I'd be great!" Of course she said she didn't really know how to do this but to just be checked monthly as my labs can change fast. I have antibodies for Hashi's so I feel my thyroid is burning out and going through these fluxes.
Long story short, I DO feel better on Armour, just start slow and work up and see how your labs are. The T-3 in Armour basically made me pain free and much less fatigued. I can run around and do my job again. I just need my dose changed when I'm on one dose too long and it takes awhile to figure all this out especially since i am so sensitive to how my labs are. I can actually "feel" the climb or the fall. Sometimes I ignore it and then I end up too one way or the other. If your T-3 is on the lower end, I would try it!