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Re: Starting to think my sinus problem is TMJ instead!

@Nightwarrior - Glad to hear that the facial massage has made you feel better. And that you're off codeine during the day.

I've also caught myself clenching my jaw subconsciously and the inside of my cheeks are full of scars and ridges so I've obviously been doing it for a long time. While I think TMJ is a possibility I still think I was diagnosed correctly with chronic sinusitis. Most of my pain is in and around my sinus passages. And I have a continuous PND. Sometimes I feel like I'm choking on it. My jaw pain comes and goes but the sinus pain and congestion is constant. My surgery is just over a week away and I'm pinning all my hopes on that. If it doesn't work I suppose I'll look more seriously into TMJ.

The last 4 weeks have been a little rough. My infection got worse and the neti pot isn't even helping anymore. I finished a course of Zinnat 500 mg and 400 mg Flagyl on Tuesday and my ENT faxed a new script for a different antibiotic to my local pharmacy this afternoon which I will pick up in about an hours time. Hold thumbs that it takes the edge off till my surgery!

I am very interested in the TMJ theory and anything you find out. Please keep me updated on how you're doing. I'm going to google the facial massage video anyway and give it a shot. Thanks again!

@Cold247 - So sorry to hear that your second CT scan didn't give you answers. It's so frustrating to be sick and know that you're sick and not be able to find a reason. Good luck with the neuromuscular orthotic. How have you been doing? Are your symptoms any better? Worse?