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Day 3... I hope this is it for me finally


Well, so here I am. Trying to quit smoking again lol... I think I tried million times.

I been smoking for 20 years, and I am 37 years old. I smoked almost pack a day. I decided that this year is it. I tried everything in the past... gum, patches, longezine thingys....I also read a "Easy Way" book. My biggest success I had in quitting previously was simply cold turkey. That was about 8 years ago... I quit for year and a half, until I got a new job and of course.. here comes the excuse....stress got to me and I got back together with that "friend" of mine - a cancer stick.

Well, today is my day 3. I been there before many many times.. I would last for 2 weeks and go right back to it after some dumb excuse. I know that this is it for me... I know there is no "just one smoke" thing... I know I won't be able to have cigars while golfing...all that, is gone.

Funny thing is, I keep my body in shape, workout almost everyday, but yet, I smoked. How ridiculous is that? lol

I was surrounded by smokers. Most of my friends smoke. As of today, only 1 of them is still smoking. My neighbors and I decided to ditch it. So, I am surrounded by non smokers now and I am considering myself as a non smoker!

Today will be HUGE test for me. It's friday...I will probably have cravings after having some wine. The good thing is, I will have nowhere to get it from. First is, nobody will drive drunk to get some...second... we will not have any!

Feels good though. I been drinking tons of water (about a gallon per day). Just gotta get past the weekend.

Here are the things that I will keep in mind though out the "hard times":

2. I have to remember, that if cave in and have "just one" I will be right back to the start. All this work so far will be lost for nothing.
3. Keep checking my smoking app on my phone to see how much money I saved.
4. Think about my health, my teeth!!!
5. The stench....ohhhh the stench of smoke...I smell it on smokers all the time.. I smelled like that too.. especially in elevators at work
6. I will look like a dumbass in front of my friends that quit too. It will make me look WEAK! They could do it and I couldn't?
7. No more going outside at work in cold to suck on those things!
8. My house will smell fresh. I can't wait to repaint it for that real true "fresh" start!
9. Money money money... $150 a month in my pocket! Oh yeah!
10. I never liked smoking...everytime I would light one up, I was thinking "I gotta quit this ****!"

So here I am.. I am planing on posting in this thread about my thoughts, my progress and how things go. I am! Smoke free!

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