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Flu and Muscle pains

Hi all, I'm 33 year old guy with flu going almost three weeks now. I've had all the usual symptoms except cough and diarrhea. What's interesting is that I started feeling stiffness in my calves 4 days before I realized I had the flu. Then it hit me with full force and I was in bed for 5 days. Once all the muscles started aching I didn't feel pain in my calves and ankles more than the the rest of my body. Anyway, the flu just didn't want to go away. The muscle ache subsided except in my legs again. That went on for two weeks. Finally on Monday I felt the last symptom, sinuses clear up and my low fever went away. But that evening I lost all my strength as if all energy has been sucked out of me and all my muscles and joints stiffened up. I had terrible fatigue and could barely move. Went to the hospital the next day as I was worried what this could now be. They did some blood work and said it was all clear. My lungs and everything else was ok and no fever. Dr said that it's just the flu and even though it's unusual to have muscle aches this long he can't attribute it to anything else. I've been regaining energy and feel the muscle and joint aches slowly subsiding. But still seems weird to last this long. Being I'm otherwise healthy. I have been under extra stress days before the flu hit me so I think that's why my immune system was weaker than usual. My question is has anyone else had muscle and joint pains for this long and especially in certain areas like legs or arms?
Sorry for the long post, I figure it's better to explain everything.

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