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Re: Health Questions about sinus tachycardia

I have sinus tachycardia too and have been struggling with many of the same issues for a few years. I get bad headaches, dizziness, rapid heartbeats, and low blood pressure. I have been on a beta blocker for the tachycardia but can't take it due to the low blood pressure. I am now on a different combination of meds but still struggling. Your best bet would be to see a cardiologist to have your condition evaluated. I'm in Canada too, in a large city. I went into an ER with chest pain and tachycardia. Nothing was seen on my ECG or blood tests in the ER, but on my insistence they booked me in to see one of the hospital's cardiologists at their clinic [within 5 days of my ER visit]. If you wait for a family doctor referral, you'll wait a lot longer. I have since seen a second cardiologist at another hospital who I am more comfortable with and who is listening to me. I've had multiple tests -- stress test, echo, cardiac MRI, cardiac catherization, holter monitor, brain MRI -- and I still don't have an answer as to why this is happening. I was a healty, active person before this started.