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avoiding test robbery

I need to have a cardiologist sign off on a pre surgery form. For eye surgery,minor.
I was referred to a cardio because my EKG showed some T wave abnormal, minimum stuff. I am in good health but probably do have some plaque in my arteries. I can easily fix it with vegan diet and exercise that I have already started. The GP who took the EKG
referred me to a cardio so I went to one up the road. He said I will sign you off if you pass a stress test. Fair enough. The nurse came up to me and said we can do it here if you want.
Hospital. She quickly said it will cost 2000$ and we need cash in advance. I laughed at her.
I said I can get a stress test at any out testing clinic for a few hundred dollars.She got mad and her face went red. I stopped by to pick up the test order and they said the Doctor wouldnt allow the test anywhere else. Total fraud. I left.I am a cash payer.No insurance.
Now I cant have the eye surgery until I get cleared. The eye clinic is totally strict about it.
I have to find a cardio in Florida that is not an organized thief. Someone who will send for the minimal amount of tests needed and not pile them on to generate absurd fees.
Someone who will be fine having tests done at wherever they are cheapest. I am a self payer. I need to do this soon. I am in Florida for the winter only and the eye surgery was the main reason I am here.
Who can point me toward a cardio group in northern or central Florida that is true in their work and not part of the disgusting fraudulent trend of sucking in money by organizing extremely overpriced testing way over what is needed.If you have ears
for this, please leave some info to get me headed to a quality cardio...

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