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Re: Starting to think my sinus problem is TMJ instead!

Check out occipital alignment and atlas alignment ,Ive learnt a lot off this and it's links to posture .jaw.neck etc.Also I as well have had minor problems young,and it all crashed in 2012.I think if your body is crooked like mine it gets progressively worse until its placed back.Its the muscles fault ,as the brain senses misalignment it sends a message to the muscles to tighten up.( to prevent further degradation).Unfortunately the brain(human body) is far from perfect, and in doing this causes further misalignment.I wish the brain would listen instead of doing automatic reflex signals.its very easy to see if your crooked and which side 1: do a door frame pectoral stretch one side should be tighter and hurt more to stretch. 2: do a lunging leg stretch once each leg,you should have a much harder time on one side. 3: do a standing side stretch hands on top of will stretch more on one side. My bet is all the harder stretches will be all on one side.Here is the tricky part, the side that hurts the most isn't the crooked side,it's the other side!! The harder side is compensating for the crooked side.Now if your like me you will see some major discoveries about yourself .Now imagine the poor jaw and neck being pushed day in and day out crooked to one side.Its no wonder I'm in pain and stress and caffeine both make it worse, because what do both do ..... Tense muscles! That's why I have trouble with chiropractors what don't do trigger point release or massage.If they don't its like trying to move rebar in a foundation after the cement has dried?!? Adjust the spine while its incased in a solid tensed muscle = not gonna happen ,or not going to cause relieve for more than a few hours