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Re: avoiding test robbery

Originally Posted by hb1944 View Post
... but probably do have some plaque in my arteries. I can easily fix it with vegan diet and exercise that I have already started.
Not quite that easy.
Diet nor exercise have ever been proven to halt or reverse many years of arterial damage.

The root cause of high cholesterol in people who have not inherited this condition is..........inflammation. Inflammation creates an increase in the production of LDL by the liver to target the damaged scarred artery/arteries caused by inflammation wear, or in more severe cases, inflammation and high blood pressure.
The repair operation then commences. However once repaired, inflammation causes further damage to the LDL repaired area and this process goes on and on, until the inevitable happens.

Target Inflammation and look into:
Dark sugarless chocolate with minimum 85% Cocoa.
Cocoa powder as a daily evening drink.
Glisodin (S.O.D) - But only the original French manufactured enzyme.
Last but by no means least......Pomegranate Juice......But only from the POM variety pomegranate as this product has favourable study results.

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