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Re: Post Nissen Fundoplication Issues

Some help for gas/bloating issues. I had my Nissen in 2009. Immediately after surgery I was doing okay, not much pain....until I was allowed to start taking liquids. Wicked pain every time I drank the protein drinks and juice. More pain when I was allowed to start adding milk and I started drinking chocolate milk shakes. Then I figured it out after several months.....anything with apples or chocolate made me gassy. All that gas was what was making me miserable. I had food intolerances I never knew I had. Apples are in almost everything including all those protein drinks they wanted me to consume. Over the next few years I still had daily episodes of belly pain but nothing near the initial. It got better over time, but never completely went away. My theory is that the limited variety liquid diet for 8 weeks dumped my intestines of some of the flora I needed to digest things and it just took me time to build that back up. I can now drink limited quantities of milk and some of the things that initially bugged me.

However 4 years out I still had some gas and bloating that was annoying but not life changing. Very gradually over time though I began to have other neurologic symptoms such as memory loss, brain fogginess, joint pains, etc. After evaluation I was placed on a gluten free diet trial. VOILA all that gas and bloating immediately went away (the neuro symptoms are continuing to get better as well).

So if you are having issues with pain due to gas/bloating take a close look at your diet. Do a food/symptom log and try to figure out if the cause may be in your diet. I'm thinking I've always had intolerances to apples, chocolate, peppers, and gluten, but before the Nissen the gas was able to freely escape and I just didn't notice. My parents complained I burped a lot as a kid. But trap that gas and serious pain results.

Hope this helps someone. In general my life is SOOOO much better post Nissen. I didn't notice until I no longer had to take them that the three meds I was on prior to the Nissen were the cause of my panic attacks, nausea, and depression. Great to be mentally stable and be able to eat pizza (gluten free crust of course) with my kids. The only downfall is that the one episode of stomach virus I had was not so much fun. Apparently with that much gas and crap in my stomach I cannot vomit.