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Re: avoiding test robbery

what costs have you heard for the 2 different kinds of stress tests???
BTW I have no angina, can walk miles,.BP is normal.I did start to do push ups and curls and was weak for the first few sessions but thats all. Now its nothing. No matter what the whole story is, I need to have the surgery. I am in way better shape than 80% of the elderly people who have it done.
And they survive the 10 minutes of partial anesthesia.
I believe fasting and a cholestrol free diet will clear plaque. At least some. I am also doing no dairy,bread,sugar 99%, but I will eat ocean caught salmon if I find it. In 2 ounce portions.I am eating granola with honey in small amounts and soymilk.
I Need to find a Doc who knows the crap out there and can work with me to get this solved. If anyone hears of a place that fits ,keep this post in mind. I will keep checking it.
I thought the eye clinic would have had help to get this solved but they dont seem to give a ****. This state has so many old retired types that they always have enough patients.
There must be some old Docs around who are signing off these older people even with
multiple health issues and meds.