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Has anybody had counselling?

I know fibromyalgia is 'real', it's not that I think I'm crazy... but I'm having trouble coming to terms with it and I'm wondering (thinking) that it might help me to see a counsellor. It's tough to have an illness that you aren't entirely sure isn't all in your head! It was good to have somebody say 'this is what's wrong with you', but now what? Knowing the cause doesn't make it any easier to cope with the erraticness of the symptoms, and I'm still more than half inclined to think that I'm making a fuss over nothing... know what I mean? It doesn't help that I've dealt with anxiety and agoraphobia and other emotional issues and my primary 'tool' was to TELL myself that they were all in my head and I could think them away and to make myself act as much as possible like a 'normal' person however I felt on the inside...
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