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clogged tube/chunky pus above tonsil.

for about 2 weeks i have had a muffled left ear, with sounds of fluid. used patonase nose spray which in the past has cleared up in a couple of days. went to my gen physician 4days ago for non related regular check up, he said there was fluid behind the eardrum. no pain though. gave some rescon said it may take a couple of weeks to clear. i noticed in the back of my throat above the tonsil, kind of hidden was what appeared to be a pus pocket, so i got a popsicle stick to ;ightly press against and out came white chunky stuff, not liquid and it smelled awful, so i mashed it again and some more came out, that was 1st thing this more has appeared. ive used my nasal spray, head over hot water, heat pad and lightly tried to hold nose and pop, still a stopped ear.....anybody ever had this happen?

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