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Smile Re: Tired with no help feel trapped

Hi Braveheartlionc,

this is my first post so please forgive me for any unintentional faux pas. I saw your post and wanted you to know that I understand all too well how you feel. It took 8 years of my fighting the medical system to get a diagnosis for my son. I have all but given up everything to continue the fight to get him the help he needs to learn how to cope within the constraints of society. I have yet to find anyone who will really DO anything concrete for him and so the battle continues.
I am worn out, depressed and anxious. I gave up my little business which I was trying to get off the ground as I am on call constantly. It is an unrelenting job being a parent to one of these special children and it can take its toll. I love my son but I hate what he has had to endure and right now feel a huge amount of anger towards those who took so long to diagnose him and still refuse to help him now.
It is not selfish to get tired, worn out and sick of watching what our children must endure day in day out. We each need something just for ourselves (or so I have been told by every single specialist) but I cannot seem to find the time or energy to do so. I think if both you and I could carve a little moment for personal enjoyment/fulfillment/rest regularly it might go a long way to help feeling so overwhelmed. Hang in there.

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