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Re: Extremely sharp pain before BM, Dr. said that my colon is "hard"?

Originally Posted by eeg1222 View Post
Hi, im writing for some advice. I am 26 years old and have, from time to time, experienced extremely sharp pain before a BM. But this week it happened three days in a row and rendered me useless for several hours each morning before i went to the bathroom. This happened three days in a row but today i have been fine.
When this is happening though, I literally feel like there is a jagged rock inside of me, perhaps in my colon or my rectum, and every time i move a muscle (even my pinky toe!) it sends a shooting pain through out my colon/rectal area. I have to hold my breath and stay as still as possible for a long time just to wait for the pressure to be relieved so i can move. I also cant sit down when this is happening. Its not just like a chronic pain like some experience. It actually feels like an ITEM is inside of my stabbing the walls of my colon (or lower?) But it is directly related to my BM and once the stool passes that point (it takes a while), i'm fine and the BM doesn't actually hurt at all. It's not even hard and I go every day so im not constipated although thats what i thought the first day. It's just normal to soft, no blood that i can see.
I went to a colorectal surgeon, he felt around through my abdomen and pelvic area and told me my colon was pretty hard and the rest of my stomach was soft as it should be. It is also VERY tender when he touched it, it hurt very bad. Since my grandmother had colon cancer when she was around 45-50, we scheduled a colonoscopy.
All was fine until the office called to discuss charges. We have insurance but its January and we haven't met our deductible, this will cost us from $600-$900 ($300 deductible, plus 20% of final cost). My husband and I dont have a lot of money, certainly not $900 lying around and even with a payment plan it seems like a crazy thing to just drop $900 when there may possibly be another cheaper form of diagnosis....

A. Does anyone have any experience or input as to what this could possibly be, and if i should for sure get the colonoscopy?

B. Does anyone know of a scan or something that can be done to test for abnormalities? Im not really worried about colon cancer at my age, but he mentioned a narrowing of the bowel possibly or a polyp, chrones etc.... Can ANY other form of testing detect those things? Maybe a CT or ultrasound?
I just don't want to go have a very expensive procedure until we know something may be wrong.

I would love some advice from people with a similar experience. I have no clue what this could be, and if we spend this money and the colonoscopy is normal (praise God!) i will feel like i threw away money...i know that sounds crazy but when your broke...your broke.
Lower G.I. series(also known as a barium enema) I think the prep now is either the same as it is for colonoscopy or very similar. After the barium enema procedure is done try to make sure you expel all of the barium enema out right away while I was still at the hospital. The tech told me if I was unable to do so that day then I should use a glycerin suppository either later that day or the next morning. The barium enema solution is very constipating because it turn into almost cement like consistency. It's not a pleasant procedure to have done because you have to lie on your left side while they put the baium enema solution in and hold it in until they take the x-rays of your colon. Did your doctor do rectal exam to see if he could feel anything abnormal in the rectum ? If not then it really should be done to rule out internal hemorrhoids or anal fissure.
I had severe rectal pain about two years ago like a jagged edged knife or glass was there. I went through a rectal exam,pelvic exam,and ultra sound and nothing was ever found . The pain went away on it's own in a day or two. My own explanation was that I had started a bowel retraining program to help relieve my years of chronic constipation problem and that my being able to pass a bowel movement without straining or forcing was actually making my rectal muscles to go into a spasm. My rectum was so use to having the strain and pressure of hard stool to push out that it went into a spasm when it no longer had that hard stool to push out.