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Re: Worried after 9 months exposure to HIV+ girlfriend

Originally Posted by joggen View Post
It's not confusing at all. PEP slows viral replication, and the normal window period is 3 months, so you need to test at 3 months after your last dose of PEP to account for the effects of PEP.

If you want more accurate results, you can have 4th generation testing (DUO) which tests for both antigen and antibody. A DUO 1 month after PEP would be highly encouraging. You would still need to follow up three months after PEP with an antibody test.
OK thanks Joggen,

I shall be going for a follow up antibody test on 8th February 2013. This will be 60 days post PEP (and 12 weeks post the last exposure). Then i will follow this up with another test on 8th March 2013 which should then be 12 weeks post (16 weeks post the last exposure).
In the meantime, the wait is really eating me up. This is the worst crisis of my life. Unfortunately, I somehow now detest the lady because she used to refuse getting tested for HIV even after I led by example and did a test on August 2nd, 2012 which came back negative - six months after our first unprotected sexual encounter. What is even more annoying is that she even conceived and that is when she had no choice but to get tested which revealed her HIV positive status. Had it not been for the pregnancy, we would have most likely continued having unprotected sex and thereby subjecting myself to more exposures. We used to rely on natural birth control bills but I do not know how she even ended up pregnant. Now I feel that i should cut off the relationship but i do not want to sound heartless. When I visit her to check on her, she always demands for sex - without even considering the stress am going through myself (I know her stress is even greater but she seems to have accepted her situation)