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I might have ADD?


• I only have one interested. If someone brings that up I become very interested. If not then im totally not participating or pretending to participate in the conversation.

• I have been a big daydreamer all my life. Living in fantasies. Music and movies takes me away easily. I had trouble reading information or studying because my brain just floats off so easily.

• Im only interested in what I say. When listening to someone else I cant seems to remember or recall information correctly about what this person said.

• When listening my attention slowly fades away and I become to think of other things.

• Im fading away quickly when listening to someone

• Only remember things when reading something that interest me or doing what I like, all other topics are uninteresting

• When studying something or reading i cant have proper focus. I start to think of something else.

I recently fall into a depression so i lost motivation to a lot of things. This might be related to depression also?

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