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Am I a nymphomaniac?

Here's the basics, I'm 29, reasonably attractive (men call me cute, pretty, sexy and beautiful on a fairly regular basis) I've never been married and I have no children, I'm intelligent in an above average sense, I've been told that I'm easy to talk to and I have a great sense of humor.

I have so much going for myself but right now I'm dealing with a ridiculously high sex drive that showed up out of the blue in my late 20's, ironically enough when I was younger I was the shy, quiet nerdy girl who wasn't interested in men or sex at all, I thought that I was either asexual or a repressed lesbian at one point.

I like sex with many anonymous partners, "one night stands", I meet them online on adult dating sites, the sex is always protected (except oral) and I've hooked up with several of them more than once.
When I don't have sex for a week I begin to feel nervous, angry and restless and even though I am very sexually active I sometimes masturbate twice a day.

Recently I had an STD scare, it turned out to be nothing but it has made me think about what I've done and the mistakes that I've made, I've tried to pursue monogamous relationships but I've passed up "normal" dates to go out and have sex with a stranger.
I do have a history of mental illness, bi-polar, depression, borderline personality disorder and I am recovering from non purging bulimia.

I seriously wonder if I'm a nymphomaniac or if there is something else wrong with me.

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