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Re: avoiding test robbery

My cardiologist recently told me that having LDL Under 70 "MAY" reduce plaque, especially when combined with high HDL. They've recently changed the guidelines and under-70 is considered to be a "therapeutic option" as well as a goal for those with severe cardiovascular risks.

So it isn't just diet and fasting, you have to get your cholesterol down significantly to have any chance of clearing it out. That is my current goal and why I agreed to go on a statin even though I didn't really need it.

Five years ago, my total cholesterol was 246 and my LDL was 169 and I was 50-pounds overweight. Through diet and exercise alone, I lost all that weight and brought down my numbers to 156/93, which is in the 'good range'.

However, that can't instantly fix 20+ years of eating poorly and not exercising properly. Tests showed that I had buildup and incipient heart disease so I agreed to go on a statin and increase my exercise routine in an attempt to reverse that. I was told that having higher HDL, especially, was the most beneficial way, because that is the process by which excess cholesterol is taken back to the liver.

After starting the statin, my numbers dropped to 118/66 and I'm going to try to maintain it in that range in hopes that I will reverse (or at the very least halt) the plaque buildup.

I should note that I neither fast nor eat a cholesterol-free diet. I eat probably 80% healthy and 20% 'bad-for-me' (which lets me tolerate the 80% 'healthy').