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Re: Lumps on one tonsil (not white or stones)

Originally Posted by quincy View Post
Hi...It does look like your tonsil has something minor going on, but if you're not having problems, it could be that it'll take a while for it to go back to normal. Did you check out that area during the sore throat phase?

Do you tend to get tonsil stones? and have you had tonsilitis in the past?

You could try gargling with salt water twice a day after you brush your teeth and see if that helps.

Tonsils function continually, lots of stuff "out there" that we're exposed to. I would say that if it doesn't change or gets worse in a few weeks, then maybe ask your doc to refer you to an ENT if you're still concerned.

It's also possible that some foods that are rough like corn chips, etc...they can cause some irritation and that's a reaction.

If your sinuses are reactive during this time as well, you could also consider to use a sinus rinse or neti pot. I use the NeilMed squeeze bottle with the packets that I mix with water.

Thanks Quincy!
Ya, at this point I'm not having problems.
When I first noticed this about 2-3 weeks ago I did have a sore throat and somewhat swollen tonsils.

I do not tend to get tonsil stones that I have ever noticed, and whenever I get sick I tend to get swollen tonsils. I have had tonsillitis (a horrible case of it last year) and strep before.
I don't know if this makes any difference, but about 2 days after I got the sore throat I had to have a tooth removed, and I also ended up getting a large viral sore that is at the end of it's life right now...not sure if that could cause anything in my tonsils.

Thanks again for the help!
I think I am just paranoid because I can't find any info on this and all the pictures I see are bumps that are regular skin colored bumps like these.