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A new cure for Acid Reflux/LPR?...I am keen for your

A new cure for Acid Reflux/LPR....I am keen for your input/for you to read.

First off - so this post does not get edited, google "Acid Reflux Magnetic Beads"

I have read about a procedure that is relatively new:

Points to note:
1. a new technique, where they put a flexible magnetic bracelet around the oesophagus.
2. Its Keyhole surgery.
3. It takes 30 mins to perform under General Anaesthetic
4. The bracelet consists of a string of metal beads, and the magnetic attraction between them makes the entry to the oesophagus tighter, so acid canít get up from the stomach.
5. I have read about this procedure from a News paper article from May 2011, in which at the time this procedure was only on trial in the United Kingdom
6. BUT Two hundred people around the world have had this procedure and studies show 90 per cent stopped taking medication immediately (as of May 2011).
7. Because of its success, it may be made available on the NHS (I dont know if it may have already).

This may have already been talked about....but I tend to come on these forums as little as possible. As us sufferers know - once you get obsessed with the problem - it tends to get worse....

Keen to know if anyone has tried the procedure, has further knowledge....

It sounds positive anyhow.......

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