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Re: Lumps on one tonsil (not white or stones)

Originally Posted by quincy View Post
Hi...don't forget that it doesn't necessarily mean that there's something inside because it's white. It might be white from pressing outward on an area that has very, very thin skin/tissue.

The tooth you had removed was a wisdom tooth or at the back of that area? Is it now fully healed?

Viral sore, as in herpes simplex in your mouth or outside?

Ya...these aren't white though..just normal skin colored bumps.
The tooth that was removed was a back molar (not a wisdom tooth, those were taken out years ago...which ironically, the first time I remember having throat problems was after that procedure...I had what they said was a reaction to the medication. That was about 6 years ago)

The sore was inside my mouth right next to my tooth extraction. It was a viral ulceration.