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Re: Post-Implant Progress

Hello My TMJ Family!

So 790 miles, twelve and a half hours later I returned home from Shands AND...drum roll.....I have broken a screw.. that was in in my left Condylar Component AND the broken part is laying on my left jaw line causing tissue inflamation and the source of my discomfort and swelling. (BLAH) I ALSO have a screw next to the broken one that is backing out SO I will be returning to the OR on Monday, March 4, 2013. I was and still am so bummed out. I NEVER EVER thought about the screws holding my implants in place. And I do not think TMJ Concepts has EVER had a broken screw until me. I feel bad that I continue to tear their implants up. So the "cause" is undetermined...could be the "stress" from my job, I do catch myself clenching during the day, could have been from the abcessed tooth I had removed November 2, 2012 that I did not know I had since I have no feeling in the lower part of my face so do not really know how long it had been there other than it was not there July 18, 2012, and/or the left Fossa surgery I had July 18th, the left TMJ Concept had to be re-positioned to insert the new left Fossa implant since it was redesigned just for me and made outside the grid to try and keep me from destroying it so the remainder of the left TMJ Concept was unscrewed and re-set in my face. I am NOT going to think about it too much because I can drive myself insane! It is what it is. It is going to be fixed. I am still not in pain and discomfort that controls my life. I am just not going to put an energy in to it. Shands will go in, make a very small cut, remove the broken screw and the loose screw and put two brand new ones in and I will come home, heal and move on with my life. It could have been worse. GOOD NEWS: my bite has NOT changed one mm since the surgery in July 2012. My opening non-stress is 44 mm and with stress is 51. I see no reason that I would need to open my mouth to 51mm to eat something so I am VERY HAPPY with the 44 mm! I am trying very hard to not let this get me down. The TMJ road just never seems to end! I am extremely Grateful to be TMJ painfree for now, I never want to go back to that again. I know it may and can happen but for now a broke screw is a minor issue for me. Protect the implants, allow my body to heal and try my best to NEVER have to live through the Horror of extreme uncontroled PAIN again in this life. My heart hurts and I want to cry for those still having to live with the PAIN and discomfort...I NEVER thought I would live to be TMJ pain free again and here I am. It is Okay to be sad, it is Okay to have pity time and ask "why me" BUT NEVER give up Hope! Surgery is NOT for everyone nor are implants, but keep pushing forward and find what works for you. Never Ever Give Up Hope! I hope everyone has the best day they can!
Take Care!