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Pin-size scabs, worried over nothing?

Five days ago I had unprotected sex with a new partner. She assured me she was clean and hadn't had sex in months beyond her exbf(who prob had other partners, and unprotected..) and I tried to shrug it off the more I thought about it. So today I notice on the head of my penis there are 4 distinct little scabs in the same area near the top. Now the girl has had the birth-control insertion where it goes up inside her, and it came up in the heat of the moment that I could feel something up inside her, beyond the norm. She told me about the BC, and said I was the first person to ever mention feeling it.

So my thinking is that these miniscule little scabs could be caused by friction from that? What else could cause these? I don't know of any known STD that would, especially since more STDs linger for some time before showing any symptoms [if they do]...

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