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Re: Has anybody had counselling?

The trick is to find the "right" therapist or counselor. Years ago I sought help when my 13 yr old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia..3 different therapists said they had no experience with traumatic illness. One woman even told me that if I needed to come into her office to just vent and cry that she would her wallet maybe! I had breast cancer 5 years ago and now volunteer in the center where I was treated..FINALLY the medical community is recognizing the need for emotional support for illness. My daughter has her undergrad degree in psychology and is going to major in "health psychology" which is what we with fibro need!! Dont get me wrong..going for therapy is great if you can take away some modalities that will work for you....ask alot of questions first to find out if a therapist is capable of handling "health issues". Its even harder for us fibro patients when our own Dr's cant wrap their heads around the physical and emotional elements of our "disease".