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Anyone out there? please help!

I'm really hoping for some feedback and understanding from people who have been where I'm at in some way or another. I apologize ahead of time for the lengthy post. I have a very supportive family and husband, but with a chronic pain condition, I believe its truly difficult to understand until you've been there and are going through it. My issue began within days of my daughters birth, which was by c section, but all docs say that has nothing to do with any of my issues. It began with severe right shoulder pain (back of shoulder), &within the days the pain had spread to the whole shoulder, halfway down right arm, under armpit, and scapula. I also list almost all user of the right arm, only being able to lift it between 45-90 degree angle and with extreme pajn. Ive NEVER felt pain like this in my entire life. I'm in years almost daily because of it. I feel as if it has consumed part of me. So here we are, six months later. Two MRI's, a half a** EMG, months of Piratical therapy with no improvement whatsoever, medications (only tried what I'm on now),& an ACDF surgery that did nothing but cause more pain and give me false hope. Sorry to sound like such a Downer. I'm just SO frustrated that I can't get a strait answer out of anyone why this had happened and how to fix it. I am farting another EMG done on 29th, which I will be more aware of what muscles are being tested ect. Thank you ahead of time for any replies. Has this happened to anyone? Anyone you know? Any ideals? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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